The opportunity

The Firm’s core competency since 2004, Prisma Core includes multi-manager portfolios that typically seek to achieve long-term capital appreciation over a multi-year period with lower volatility than, and low correlation to, broad equity and fixed income indices. These portfolios typically invest in 30-50 underlying hedge funds in up to 10 different hedge fund strategies, offering clients access to a diversified set of alpha opportunities.

About the manager

Prisma is an experienced global alternative investment manager1. Founded in 2004, Prisma has a 13 year track record of providing investors with customised hedge fund/liquid alternative solutions. Prisma has a 60 person dedicated team with investment professionals located in North America, Europe and Asia2. Over 90% of its nearly $9b of assets are managed on behalf of institutional clients. Since inception both Prisma’s asset and client base have been healthily stable. In 2017 Prisma formed a strategic partnership with PAAMCO (Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company, LLC) to create PAAMCO Prisma Holdings, LLC.

About the strategy

A core multi-manager portfolio of hedge funds generally focused on small to mid-sized specialist firms. The strategy targets low correlation to equity and fixed income markets. A rigorous three-level due diligence process (investment, risk, and operations) is used to select managers across hedged equity, event-driven, global macro and relative value strategies, among others. The strategy’s historical performance has been driven by a combination of top-down strategy allocation and bottom-up manager selection. Both commingled and customised structures are available.

1. Prisma Capital Partners LP is exempt from the requirement to hold an Australian Financial Services License under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) in respect of the financial services it provides to Wholesale Clients, and is not licensed to provide financial services to retail clients, in Australia. Prisma Capital Partners LP is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America (US) under US laws, which differ from Australian laws. Return to the reference

2. Includes an investment professional employed by our affiliate PAAMCO who performs services for Prisma in Asia. Return to the reference