Our managers' traits

Certain traits bias our selection in favour of better performing managers:

  • Experience

    Investing across multiple investment cycles.

  • Performance

    Consistent with performance objectives.

  • Independence

    Independently owned and controlled by firm employees.

  • Scale

    Sufficient funds under management to have the necessary resources and clout, but not so large as to erode future returns.

  • Focus

    One core investment discipline, with a focus on best ideas and selective opportunities.

  • Transparency

    Access to information and key investment decision makers.

  • Value

    Quality opportunities, bought with a high margin of safety.

  • Retention

    Longevity of a firm's investor clients.

  • Recognition

    Highly-esteemed managers.

Our investment opportunities

We focus on investment opportunities that make a profound difference to portfolio returns and diversification. These opportunities are in alternative asset classes or highly differentiated strategies in mainstream asset classes. There is always scope for our active managers to add value. These strategies are not easily replicable by individual or professional investors, and are often not readily available to high net worth investors.

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